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Conversation with a Gay Priest: James Alison

Eureka Street 5 May 2011 Conversation with openly gay Catholic priest, James Alison

Moving stories of people dealing with acquired brain injury

Out of the blue any of us could be struck down by illness or injury - see how these people are dealing with adversity

Stations of the Cross Reinterpreted

Eureka Street 20 April 2011 Artist, theologian and Uniting Church Minister, Doug Purnell, talks about an exhibition held in his church by leading contemporary artists featuring their provocative depictions of the Stations of the Cross

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Paul Collins

Eureka Street 7 April 2011 Author and historian, Paul Collins, talks about the state of the Catholic Church and eco-theology, how we need to rework basic beliefs about the cosmos in order to deal with our environmental crisis

Frank Brennan

Eureka Street 25 March 2011 Interview with high profile Jesuit priest and lawyer, Frank Brennan, about his human rights activism on behalf of Aboriginal people and refugees

Fiona Katauskas

Eureka Street 10 March 2011 Interview with political cartoonist, Fiona Katauskas about the inspiration, art and craft behind her cartoons

Kerry Murphy

Eureka Street 24 February 2011 Interview with immigration lawyer, Kerry Murphy, about his advocacy on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers

Neil Ormerod

Eureka Street 10 February 2011 Interview with one of Australia's most prominent lay theologians, Neil Ormerod about recent trends in theology, and how his work has been affected by being an advocate on behalf of victims of clergy sexual abuse

Michael Kelly

28 January 2011 Eureka Street Founding publisher of 'Eureka Street', Jesuit priest, Michael Kelly, talks about the inspiration for the online journal, and the future of the Catholic Church in particular, and faith in general in Australia

Greg Jenks

Eureka Street 17 December 2010 Brisbane based Anglican priest and progressive Biblical scholar, Greg Jenks, talks about the appropriate way to read and interpret the Bible for the 21st century

Andrew Hamilton

Eureka Street 3 December 2010 Jesuit theologian and writer, Andrew Hamilton speaks very personally about public theology, how he bridges the gap the secular and the sacred

Wings of Hope

Eureka Street 19 November 2010 Karen-Lee Johansen and Leigh White talk about Wings of Hope, the organisation they founded to help people bereaved by suicide

Tom Calma

Eureka Street 5 November 2010 Tom Calma advocates a hybrid religion for Aboriginal Christians that brings together their Indigenous spirituality and their Christian faith.

Sandra Schneiders

Eureka Street 22 October 2010 Interview with high profile American feminist nun, Sandra Schneiders

Gary Bouma

Eureka Street 8 October 2010 Anglican priest and highly esteemed sociologist, Gary Bouma, comments of trends in religion in Australia, and paints a particularly bleak picture for the Christian Churches

Tasha Sudan

Eureka Street 24 September 2010. Interview with Zen Buddhist monk, Tasha Sudan, winner of the 2010 Blake Religious Poetry Prize

Blake Prize 2010 Winners

Eureka Street 3 Sept 2010. Interviews with Blake Prize winners: Main prize, Leonard Brown; Emerging Artist Award, Michelle Sakaris; and Human Justice Prize, Fiona White.

Joan Hendriks

Aboriginal Christian theologian, Joan Hendriks, talks about her personal journey exploring the two sides of her religious heritage.

Anthony Kelly

Anthony Kelly, perhaps Australia's most eminent Catholic theologian, talks about the urgency of inter-religious dialogue

Overview of the 2010 Blake Prize for Religious Art

Chair of the Blake Society, Rod Pattenden presents an overview of the 2010 Blake Prize

Francis D'Sa

Indian Jesuit priest and theologian, Francis D'Sa, on the need for inter-religious dialogue.

Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Bauman

Aboriginal leader and educator, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Bauman, speaks about the Aboriginal concept of 'dadirri', deep inner listening and contemplation.

Val Webb

Theologian and author, Val Webb, talks about our troubled times providing an opportunity for the renewal and revitalization of religion.

Hugh Mackay

Social researcher and author, Hugh Mackay, speaks about trends in belief in Australia, and the phenomenon of being 'spiritual rather than religious'.

Sherene Hassan

Vice-President of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Sherene Hassan, on problems in the Australian Muslim community and how they might be overcome.

Gretta Vosper

United Church of Canada minister and theologian, Gretta Vosper, on the need to foster progressive Christianity.

Peter Kennedy

Rebel priest and leader of St Mary's-in-Exile community in Brisbane, Peter Kennedy, reflects on his life and beliefs on the anniversary leaving the Church.

Laurence Freeman

British Benedictine monk and leader of the World Community for Christian Meditation, Laurence Freeman, on contemplation and meditation.

Michael Lerner

American rabbi and founding editor of leading progressive Jewish magazine, Tikkun, on the importance of inter-religious dialogue.

Paul Knitter

American Christian theologian, Paul Knitter, on multi-religious experience, focusing on his own beliefs that combine Christianity and Buddhism.

Tariq Ramadan

Controversial Muslim scholar, Tariq Ramadan, on the problems confronting his faith, and how they might be overcome.

Joan Chittister

Outspoken American Benedictine nun, Joan Chittister, talks about the role of women in the Church, and the need for better relations between faiths.

Swami Agnivesh

Progressive Indian Hindu reformer, Swami Agnivesh, on the need for religious people to become social activists.

Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysian Parliamentary Opposition Leader and Muslim scholar, Anwar Ibrahim, on problems within Islam, and the proper interpretation of his faith.

Hans Kung

Giant of contemporary Catholic theology, Hans Kung, talks about his activism for a global ethic, and problems in the Catholic Church.