Man of Faiths - Obituary

1 September 2010 - Eureka Street

Raimon Panikkar will be remembered as a spiritual giant of our era, and a great pioneer of inter-religious dialogue .

The decline of Christianity in Australia and America

12 June 2009 - Eureka Street

On similarities and divergences in statistics on belief in the US and Australia

Indonesia veering towards extremism

7 April 2009 - Eureka Street

On the rise of Muslim extremism in Indonesia

Dialogue with the enemy

18 March 2009 - Eureka Street

On moves by President Obama to open up dialogue with moderate elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Religion lives on in the ABC's shallow pool

6 March 2009 - Eureka Street

On the state of coverage of religion on ABC TV and radio

Unholy family dispute

25 February 2009 - The Australian

On the dispute between rebel priest, Peter Kennedy, and the Catholic hierarchy in Brisbane

No place for Church renegades

30 January 2009 - The Australian

On the controversy surrounding the decision by Pope Benedict XVI to allow followers of rebel Tridentine Archbishop Lefebvre to return to the Catholic Church